Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Show Week Update

Yeah, so the guitars were delivered on Friday, and of course the kids love them all. Well, actually, Chloe really loves the Atomic Pink bass and Jared seems to have taken a liking to the white 12-string. Elissa is partial to the 6-string, I think. We STILL don't know if we're keeping any or all of them. Let's get through the actual show first, then we'll figure it out.

Speaking of which, we're only a little more than 75 hours from air time as I type this. I went to The News-Herald yesterday to have my picture taken (surrounded by the guitars, of course) for an article I'm writing for them. It will appear in Friday's paper and will be a first-person account of my Price Is Right experience, similar to what I wrote after doing Millionaire four years ago.

I'm staying home from work Friday morning to watch the show with Terry, Jack and Melanie. Then we'll have some family and neighbors over Friday night for a TPIR party, complete with pizza, cake, and of course a viewing of the show. It ought to be fun.

Oh, and one more thing....go Elissa!


  1. You Go Elissa!!! We are behind you all the way!!
    Scott, we can hardly wait for Friday's show. I talked with Deb today about the show. We laughed thinking about the excitement you bring to our families. "Your Price is Right Grand Adventure" is so typical of the fun that surrounds you. Never a dull moment with Scott around!! First "The Millionaire Show", now "The Price is Right"!! What's next?

  2. Maybe "Press You Luck." Oh, wait, they cancelled their Whammy butt when Scott was still in diapers.

    I'm with you, Judy. Friday should be fun. If we can dig our way out of this white stuff to even make it into Wickliffe.

    Cute picture of the kids. As usual, you can tell by the look on Melanie's face that she's WAAAY into it.