Monday, October 7, 2013

Here's why the blog ends today...for good

I know I said this once before, but this time I mean it...

Today marks the last day of They Still Call Me Daddy as an active blog. I enjoy doing it, I really do. And I know I'm not obligated to justify this decision to anyone, but I figured I owed that much to those who take the time read it regularly.

The reason of course, is time. It always comes back to time, doesn't it? Time and how we manage it. It's a precious resource, and one of which I have relatively little.

I only post three days a week, but even the time it takes to compose one of these little essays is time away from the kids. And I got five of 'em, folks. Five who get a chunk of my day now, but who deserve more.

Plus, almost five months into my role as Director of Communications at Vitamix, I've come to discover that I truly have a Big Boy Job now. It's hugely rewarding and enjoyable, but it's undeniably a position that requires lots and lots of hours. It ain't 9 to 5, for sure. The more appropriate numbers to describe it are "24" and "7."

Then there's this: I may want to go after my MBA. It's a personal and professional goal with an immense amount of payoff, most of it intangible. And for a number of reasons, the time for me to do it may be now.

Even at 1-2 classes at a time, an MBA would be hugely time-consuming for me. There's no way around that. And it's going to take me years to finish it, with no guarantee I ever will. But I'm considering giving it a shot.

Then there are the ever-present priorities of my wonderful wife, my spiritual life, and taking care of myself physically.

God + Family + Career + Personal Care & Development = Barely Enough Time to Sleep, Let Alone Do Anything Else.

I truly appreciate everyone who read the 230-plus posts I've written since starting this thing back in December 2011 (with a eight-month or so hiatus thrown into the middle). Your comments and encouragement were always greatly appreciated.

Before I go, though, I'm not sure I ever told you about the time I was on two game shows...


  1. Pour just some of this creative content into your other life priorities and you'll be spectacularly successful in those. Thanks for your work here and best wishes as you focus on your life endeavors!!

  2. Yes, what Doug said! And if you are serious about the MBA, I highly encourage looking at the CSU off-campus MBA. They will have a new cohort starting at Progressive next fall. You can get done in 19 months, with the same group, and a good cadence. The classes are shorter usually, and professors recognize that you're working professionals and are much more flexible in my experience.

    Thanks for all the laughs. Hope things are going well in the Big Boy World. Jackie says you are all slammed right now, but I'm sure you're doing just fine.

  3. Put on your big girl panties and buck up. I expect the next one on Wednesday.

  4. Kerry: Outstanding. I read your comment and almost spit water.

    Heather: I'm seriously taking a look at the CSU option. I was planning on doing it the long way through John Carroll, but I'm checking to see if my very nice employer would pay the (compressed) fee schedule for an executive MBA. We'll see...

    Doug: Thanks so much! It's greatly appreciated.

  5. Bummed, but I understand. Thanks for the laughs!

    As a JCU ungrad graduate and CSU MBA graduate I would say you can't go wrong with CSU's MBA program.

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