Wednesday, July 1, 2015

You know who are nice people? Canadians.

In my experience, some stereotypes are truer than others.

Like the idea that men won't ask for directions. I know that's not necessarily true because I always ask for directions. In fact, I may be too quick in asking for directions. Sometimes I should probably just trust myself more, but honestly, I hate being lost, and I have no qualms about telling someone I'm clueless and need their help.

But you know one stereotype that I've found to be spot on? This idea that Canadian people are nice. Oh sure, there are exceptions. Watch any given National Hockey League game and you'll find some mean SOBs from Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. But by and large, they're good people.

Today is Canada Day, which for the uninitiated (i.e., 95% of Americans) is kind of like our Independence Day. It marks the date in 1867 in which Canada officially became a nation, albeit still part of the British Empire.

And those kooky Canadians still maintain certain ties to the Brits today, like having the Queen on their money and putting wholly unnecessary u's in the middle of words like "colour," "favour" and "honour."

Still, for the most part, Canada has forged its own identify in the world, and I would characterize that identify as "nice." Which I know sounds bland and unexciting, but I don't mean it that way. These are, collectively, good people. You can trust them. They don't trust us, of course, but honestly, I'm not sure I would, either.

I do love Canada, though. Or at least Eastern Canada, which is the only part of the country I've actually visited. I've been to Niagara Falls and Toronto countless times, and have also visited Montreal and Ottawa.

Speaking of Ottawa, here's a true story: In the summer of 1994 when Elissa was just an infant, Terry and I packed her into her little car seat and did a week-long Canadian driving tour. I loved it all, but I really loved Ottawa. It had a nice charm to it, and the Ottawa Senators have been my NHL team of choice ever since.

Anyway, Terry for whatever reason wasn't feeling well when we got to Ottawa, so she asked me to get her some Pepto Bismol. I set off from the hotel in search of a pharmacy, and along the way I came across these really cool street performers. There was a guy on stilts and acrobats and, I don't know, break dancers or something. The point was, they were doing really cool things and I stood there transfixed by them.

I stood there a long time. A really long time. An especially long time if you're someone who is waiting back in the hotel room for your husband to arrive with medicine that will help you feel better.

I don't know how long I was gone, but by the time I got back, Elissa had visibly aged. And Terry was, how shall I say, not pleased with the length of my journey.

She still reminds me of that sometimes. But seriously, those acrobats were so cool!

Yeah, so Canada. Good people. We should all visit. Bring your own Pepto Bismol, though.

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