Thursday, March 18, 2021

Happiest of birthdays to the girl in the flowered shorts


I have posted this photo on Facebook a time or two before because it always makes me smile.

Actually, it kind of makes me laugh. It's so very 80s, from our shorts to our hair to my yellow Chevette. It is, in some ways, that decade summarized in one image.

The best part about it is the pretty girl smiling for the camera. Her name is Terry, and she is my wife.

Of course, when this picture was taken, we didn't know that's where things were headed. We just knew we really liked each other and we had a good time together, so...that was enough.

I believe this was taken in the summer of 1986, maybe four months or so after we had begun dating. That was the year we both turned 17.

Now we're a few years older. A lot older than 17, anyway.

And today is another birthday for the incomparable Ms. Terry Tennant. On the list of the best things that have ever happened to me, she is definitely in the top 1.

It is very, very difficult to imagine a life even half as good as the one I have now without her in it.

She deserves a lot more than she'll actually get today, though trust me, the kids and I will make sure she knows how appreciated she is.

There is not another human being like her. God made just the one and decided there was no need to tinker with the formula. Everything He made is good, I know, but I feel like she's extra good. "Good plus," if you will.

Happy birthday, then, to the funniest, kindest, smartest, most beautiful person I know. She puts her heart into everything, and brightens the day of everyone she meets.

There's a real knack to that, you know. And the only person I've ever seen really pull it off is the girl in the flowered 80s shorts.

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