Saturday, May 1, 2021

Living right next to the longest interstate highway in the U.S.

And by the way, Google Maps guys, it's Miller Ave., not Miller Dr.

If it weren't for a covering of trees and a sharp dip in elevation, I could look to my right at this very moment and have a clear view of Interstate 90.

As I often like to tell my family, I-90 is the longest of the U.S. interstates, running just over 3,000 miles from Boston to Seattle.

And it is our immediate neighbor, located maybe 300 feet south of our front porch.

Having lived in this house for nearly 18 years, I don't notice the sound of freeway traffic whizzing by just over the trees, but visitors sometimes do. That low white noise is just part of our everyday background, and I'm only really aware of it when a semi uses its Jake brakes or there's construction nearby.

Other than that, it's easy to forget this major thoroughfare is right there outside of our door.

I-90 is a popular route for sports teams and music acts that travel by bus, and I've always wished I could somehow compile a list of all of the famous and semi-famous people who have driven right past our house.

But alas, there's no way to do that apart from posting a sign on the freeway that says, "If you're a celebrity, please call Scott's cell phone and let him know you just passed by."

I'm so tempted, though. I'll bet I would hear from John Madden.

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