Friday, December 22, 2006

I gotta start researching car prices

So I've begun taping episodes of the show and watching them, pen and notebook in hand to jot down prices, bids, helpful tips, etc. I got a rude awakening during today's Showcase Showdown telling me that while I have a pretty good handle on the prices of grocery items, I'm clueless when it comes to new cars.

One of the showcases consisted of a cell phone, an ab exercise station, and a 2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Edition. Obviously, the key to bidding on that showcase is knowing the price of the car, since the other two are low-cost items. If I had been presented with that showcase, I probably would have bid around $34,000. The contestant bid $32,000. The actual retail price? $44,620.

I went online and found out that 2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Editions have an MSRP of $44,980 and an invoice price of $41,432. I had no idea. In my defense, though, I've never purchased/owned a new car in my entire life, so I guess it's time to search through the paper for car ads, and maybe take a look at

On the bright side, I would have won several of the pricing games on the show, including the Grand Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, and Secret X.


  1. Couldn't comment your hurry up and wait blog - it was too long or something and ended in mid sentence. But it was very informative - sounds like a day where patience may come in handy. But it will be worth it if you get on stage. If effort counts for anything, you'll be up there with BB in a couple of weeks.

  2. I would have thought for all their effort (and yours!!) they would tape a few shows at a time. On one game show down I've given my identity away:-), they do a whole weeks taping at one sitting with contestants having to bring changes of clothes (not sure that the audience do seeing as they are not pivotal to this particular show I'm talking about). I guess in your case the audience is pivotal so only one taping? Good logic?

  3. Kerri - You're right. On most game shows they do multiple tapings in one day. But "The Price Is Right" chooses its contestants from the audience, and they must figure that any random group of 300 people will only produce a small number of acceptable contestants, so they take the time to screen everyone very well. There's also the fact that the host, Bob Barker, is in his 80's and can probably only handle one taping a day...