Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Using my kids to get on the show

The question of whether or not to wear a goofy t-shirt is something of an eternal debate among Price Is Right fans and would-be contestants. On the one hand, having a t-shirt that says "I Love Bob" shows you've made some effort and are willing to work a little to get on the show. But then again, Bob rarely acknowledges these shirts once you get up on stage, so it's hard to say how much the shirt actually influences the producers when they're selecting contestants.

I've decided to go the way of the shirt. And specifically, I've decided to go with a shirt that has a picture of my kids on it, because they  and the fact that they've been watching the show since they were toddlers  are really my strongest angles. Whatever I end up saying to the "Price Is Right" producer who interviews me in L.A., I'm sure my kids are somehow going to be part of it.

Anyway, here's the photo that's going on the front of the shirt:

Then, at Terry's suggestion, on the back will be lettering that says, "Mommy wants a hot tub," or something to that effect. Whaddya think? Does that work?

By the way, we'll get more into the process of becoming a contestant in later posts, but for those who don't know, everyone who attends a taping of TPIR takes part in a group interview with a producer. That's how they determine who's actually getting onto the show (though the contestants themselves don't know they've been picked until they're told to "come on down!")


  1. Does that work??!!?? Of course, it does! If I had a game show and were retiring, one look at those cherubic faces would make me want to hand over the microphone to you. You can't go wrong with kids or pets. Good luck, baby brother!

    PS - By the way, wish ME luck. I'm heading up "craft day" at Grandma's today. Hope no one glues my fingers to their head.

  2. I think using the picture of the kids on your shirt is a move of pure genius. Like Aunt Judi said - just looking at the lovely Tennant children should make even the most jaded of Hollywood pezzonovante melt like butter. Plus, you get the added bonus of the picture taking away the focus from your face . . . which again, is a huge plus in your favor. Just a well thought out move all around . . . obviously, this had to be Terry's idea.