Tuesday, February 21, 2012

25 things that make me happy

(1) Getting the mail
(2) Sitting down in my seat right before the start of a hockey game
(3) John Coltrane playing "My Favorite Things"
(4) Terry's laugh
(5) Thickly sliced Swiss cheese
(6) A clean car
(7) A clean kitchen
(8) A clean bathroom
(9) Pretty much a clean anything
(10) A Saturday with no appointments, kids activities or obligations
(11) Dennis Miller doing stand-up (before he got all political all the time)
(12) The sound of my kids' voices
(13) A well-played cello
(14) Any memory of Mapledale Elementary School, circa 1978
(15) Game shows
(16) Running
(17) World War I books
(18) Really, really dark chocolate
(19) Any given episode of "The Jeffersons"
(20) Libraries
(21) Spotting planets in the sky (not the stars so much, just the planets)
(22) Landing on Boardwalk AND Park Place early in the game, ensuring that eventually I will crush you
(23) The Guinness Book of World Records
(24) Virtually any comedy produced in the early 80s
(25) Maps

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