Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do the iPod Shuffle with me again

A few months ago we played a game here on the blog where everyone would grab their iPods, play them in "shuffle" mode, and report back the first five songs that came up. Song-by-song commentary is more than welcome. I'll start, but you are highly encouraged to give us your list in the comments below or on Facebook, if you happen to be accessing this post from there.

Scott's iPod Shuffle Results - 5/9/12

(1) "Keeping the Faith" - Billy Joel:  This is from 1983, I think, when Billy was in his 50s/60s mode and tried to resurrect the music of that era all by himself (well, with help from The Stray Cats, I guess). I've always thought Billy Joel has been unfairly maligned as a soft rock/schmaltz artist because some of his hits - like "Just the Way You Are" - have a lounge singer feel to them. In reality, he's an amazing musician whose music has spanned everything from doo wop to hard rock. Not my favorite Billy Joel tune, but a worthy representative.

(2) "Roxanne" (Live) - The Police:  Sting wrote this song in Paris circa 1977 about a fictional French prostitute. It ends up being a much nicer song than the subject matter would suggest. I just counted and found that I have eight different versions of this tune on my iPod. This one was recorded at a concert in Atlanta in the early 80s, but my favorite was when Sting sang it with just a guitar and Branford Marsalis on soprano saxophone at Live Aid in 1985.

(3) "Dark Blue" - Jack's Mannequin:  The only non-80s song on my list. Interesting. My daughters were really into this tune when it came out six or seven years ago. It reminds me of summer 2008, when I took Elissa and her friend Jackie to see The Warped Tour in Cleveland. Warped Tour is a collection of bands that tours the country every summer. In my day, we would have classified these sorts of bands as "punk," I guess, but there's really a mix of ska, alternative, and genres I can't even identify. It was hilarious being one of the only people older than 25 there. I was also was of the few non-tattooed attendees. I may as well have been wearing sandals with black socks.

(4) "Hip to Be Square" - Huey Lews & The News:  Terry and I saw Huey and his band live in concert in 1990. It was really loud. You wouldn't expect a Huey Lewis concert to be loud. But it was. There's a great tenor sax solo in this song. I wish there were more tenor sax solos in popular music these days.

(5) "Mandolin Rain" - Bruce Hornsby & The Range:  This isn't the song that most people associate with Bruce Hornsby (that would be "The Way It Is"), but I think it's the best of his popular songs. Great piano, great chorus. If I could sing, this is one of the songs you would hear me warbling up on stage at some karaoke bar.


  1. Love this!
    1. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
    2. Sent for You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today) - Count Basie
    3. A God King Bleeds - Tyler Bates (300-Original Soundtrack)
    4. Renegade - Daughtry (Great song off their new album)
    5. American Patrol - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra

  2. "1921 (You Didn't Hear It)" -- From "Tommy" by The Who
    "Souljacker" -- The Eels
    "If You Live" -- Mose Allison
    "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" -- U2
    "Prison Girls" -- Neko Case

    Always fun to do this ... interesting to see others' results.

  3. Josh: I love that "American Patrol" came up! I played that in jazz band in college. I'll be whistling it the rest of the day.

    Cliff: You made me go to YouTube to find the Souljacker video. It's playing on a loop in the background in my office now.

    1. Yeah, that's a good earworm!

    2. Yeah, Eels are a great band ... cover a wide range of sounds.

  4. I had Roxanne stuck in my head today! I am obviously your daughter.

  5. 1. Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger
    2. Pink - So What
    3. Agnes Carlsson - Release Me
    4. Rascal Flatts - You
    5. R.E.M. - Man on the Moon
    6. Ely Young Band - Crazy Girl

    I hit next 1 more time because I was curious to see what genre would come up. I have a decent mix of genres on my ipod!

  6. Kendra: Love the list! Rascal Flatts and R.E.M. back to back? Well done.