Friday, August 7, 2015

I don't get the anti-minivan thing

Well, I mean, I sort of do. But in the end, you have to admit that most of the reasons people resist buying and/or being seen in a minivan are vain and (forgive me for saying this) stupid.

And I say this as someone who does not currently own a minivan. But I did for many years. Many, many years. Nearly 20 years, I think.

We ran our last minivan  a Dodge Grand Caravan  virtually into the ground. It served its purpose well over the 11 years Terry drove it, transporting kids from place to place, taking us on a number of vacations, and even hauling heavy things on occasion.

I drove minivans myself for a time and never felt especially self-conscious about it. Because honestly, who exactly was I trying to impress? To whom did I ever feel the need to express myself as a rugged Cowboy Man driving a big ol' macho SUV? (Answer = Nobody)

Speaking of SUVs, we own one now in the Honda Pilot, which I like very much. But I'm not looking to go off-roading in it (and if you're a suburbanite like me, you aren't, either). SUVs are spacious and tend to drive well, but I don't feel any "cooler" or higher up on the social ladder than I did when I was driving a minivan.

So why are so many people so down on minivans? Because it brands you as a "boring" parent? Because it says you've settled down? Because it says you're responsible and don't care what people think about you?

EXCITING REVELATION: Those are all good things.

Hey, it's obviously up to you what car you buy. And it's probably none of my business if you're a shallow person who defines themselves by the vehicle they drive.

It's simply my job to point it out.


  1. Once chose a Ford Freestar over a Ford Taurus as my company car (that took some courage). I felt pretty cool in the Freestar. My wife was sentenced to a Windstar for many years. She is permanently scarred from the experience. We have had three Pilots in a row...great vehicle. If I ever feel the need to go "macho", I jump in our Volvo wagon.

  2. You're a brave and truly manly man, Steve Bulleit.

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