Monday, March 27, 2017

Thank you for clicking on the ads. You're very nice people.

This past Saturday I wrote a post asking you to click on the ads on my blog because I could make money that way. I was serious that I would appreciate the clicks, but in no way did I expect you to do it. It was mostly a joke.

Except you did it. And you did it well.

So well in fact that I just checked Google AdSense, which tells me that in the last seven days, I have earned $14.98 from blog ad views and clicks.

For comparison's sake, you will note that this was, according to Google AdSense, a full $14.89 higher than what I earned the previous seven days.

So, then...Money earned in seven days before I groveled for clicks: 9 cents. Money earned in two days after I groveled: $14.89.

Once that 15 bucks or so gets added officially added to my account (I think your earnings accrue once a month), my balance will be more than $110, which means Google will finally issue me a check after five years of blogging.

I owe you. Big time.

As I cruise to work in my car listening to a Haydn string quartet from a CD purchased using my blogging revenue, I promise I will think of you. Fondly.

(NOTE: You don't think the Google AdSense people will read this and take away my cash, citing some obscure rule about soliciting ad clicks or something, do you? Maybe we should just keep this between ourselves...)

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