Saturday, January 2, 2021

I still really like getting the mail every day

Back in February 2013 when I was unemployed and had vast chunks of time to fill every day, I wrote a post mentioning how much I looked forward every day to running out to the mail box to retrieve the mail.

Now, nearly eight years later, I am gainfully employed and still enjoy getting the mail.

Mind you, it is almost always disappointing. Most of the time it's just ads and bills. Getting something truly exciting in the mail is a relatively rare occurrence.

Which is why I still like going out to get it. There's always the possibility that something great will be in there. And the relative greatness of whatever it is is enhanced by the fact that most mail falls far short of expectations.

It's the anticipation.

Of course, I've ruined even that small bit of excitement for myself by signing up for the U.S. Postal Service's Informed Delivery program. Every morning I receive an email showing me scanned images of each piece of mail that is supposed to arrive in my mailbox later that day.

In our case, "later that day" usually means "really later that day," as I believe we're at the end of Eddie the Mail Guy's route, and it's only on occasion that he swings by our house any earlier than 5pm. So I end up seeing photos of the mail I'm supposed to get a good eight hours before I actually get it.

And even when something good is on the way, I'll admit it's less exciting to see it on a computer screen than it is to open the little mailbox door and fish it out.

But I can't help myself. Those emails are among the best things to pop into my inbox all day.

This is sad, I know, but if you're going to mock me, please do so in a letter and mail it to my house. I can't wait.

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