Thursday, April 1, 2021

We take Easter seriously (and violently) in our house


For years, my wife has gone all out on Easter. She puts together amazing baskets for the kids and prepares an elaborate egg hunt in and around our living room.

I did not grow up with anything like this on Easter (though my baskets always had great candy), so I am continually in awe of the work Terry puts in for this holiday.

The video above, shot a few years ago, depicts one of our Easter morning egg hunts. In it, you will see my oldest daughter, Elissa, aggressively take out her sibling Chloe, all in the name of getting to one of the plastic, treat-filled eggs before her sister.

No one was hurt in the making of this video, but the possibility of injury always looms large in our family this time of year.

Here’s hoping my Christian friends have a spiritually fulfilling and physically safe Easter weekend!

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