Wednesday, October 13, 2021

This blog is on hiatus until I get the itch again

I never actually came out and said this, but when I resurrected last November and started blogging every day, it was never meant to be a permanent thing.

I brought it back because I had a list of topics about which I wanted to write, and a few specific things I wanted to say.

Over the last 10 1/2 months, I've covered all of those topics and said every one of those things.

So now we're giving it a rest.

This sort of pause is well known to the maybe five people who have read the blog since its inception. It's what I do. I go on a blogging spurt for a year or two, then I stop.

I start doing it again whenever inspiration hits.

When that will be, I can't say. But as always, I plan to keep the domain name and occasionally check in with a random post or two as life events dictate.

Then, at some future time, I will pick it up again.

Much like playing the saxophone, I blog in fits and starts (I'm currently on a sax hiatus, too.) My focus right now is on my family, my health, my job and my PA announcing, probably just about in that order. There simply isn't time for much else.

I am grateful for the regular readers and frequent Facebook commenters. The blog gets, on average, around 300 page views per day. I honestly don't know if some of those are "bots" or other artificial/electronic views, but there are enough humans checking in that I get to hear all the time from friends, family and co-workers about how much they enjoy 5 Kids, 1 Wife.

That makes me profoundly happy.

So hey, while we're apart, do whatever you need to do to make sure that you and those around you are happy, healthy and fulfilled. Tell those people you love them, and don't forget to tell yourself every once in a while how awesome you are.

Because you really are.

Take care.