Monday, December 25, 2023

This Commodore 64 Christmas program brings back all the feels


I have mentioned before that the greatest Christmas gift of my childhood was a Commodore 64 computer, which my parents gave me in 1982. The C64 taught me to write basic code, gave me hours of gaming enjoyment, and was the machine I first used to go online.

That same year, the Commodore folks created and released the Christmas demo shown in the video above. More than once in '82 I remember walking into a store, going to the Commodore display, and seeing this demo playing. It was the perfect way to showcase the computer's then-powerful video and sound capabilities.

I offer you the chance to watch and listen to it now as a sort of holiday gift. For those my age who remember it, it's a wonderful bit of nostalgia. For those who have never seen it, it's a history lesson in early-80s home computing technology.

Either way, I hope it brightens what is already a bright Christmas Day for you. Thank you for reading this blog, and Merry Christmas!

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