Friday, January 12, 2024

We're middle-aged people, which means we need to figure out the downsizing thing

The AI Blog Post Image Generator did a decent job creating this image from the prompt "middle-aged people in a one-floor house." I've certainly seen it distort faces worse than this.

We recently helped my sister-in-law Chris move into a new home. Well, Terry far and away did the most work there. Jack and I just chipped in a few times each on carrying the heavy stuff.

The point is, Chris has new digs, and it's a house with no upstairs and no basement. Everything is on one floor with no steps to navigate.

This is a common move for those of us who are not yet old but who can see senior citizenhood somewhere on the distant horizon. You may be able to fly up and down stairs now, but what happens in, say, 15 years?

And what happens once most or all of your kids have flown the coop? Do you keep (or even need) a bigger home? Or do you move into something smaller and more manageable?

Terry and I are, for the foreseeable future, staying in the house where we raised our kids. We've been here 20 years and are working to remodel/spruce up the basement, kitchen, deck and various walls that desperately need painting.

Investing that kind of cash suggests you're going to stay somewhere for the long haul, and I suppose that's accurate in our case. We have no plans to move anytime soon.

Keeping the house relatively clean isn't an issue for us physically right now, and we can still do most of the yard work on our own. We do have a guy who cuts our grass and another who removes the snow from our driveway. But for the most part, we're OK maintaining the place ourselves.

Our house is something like 2,500 square feet with five bedrooms on a half-acre lot. There were many years when we needed every one of those bedrooms, but now we're able to use one as Terry's craft room, one as my office, and another as a nice guest room. I like that arrangement.

There will come a time, though, when we'll be better off in a house like the one Chris has rather than the one we have now, which includes both a sizeable basement and an upstairs.

That decision is probably two decades away, but it will come.

In the meantime, with four of the five kids gone, I kind of like living here and not having to tell someone to get their clothes off the stairs or their backpack off the floor.


  1. But where will the grandkids stay? Trust me keep the house w the extra bedrooms .

    1. Agreed. And I have a feeling it's for a good while longer!