Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Success and failure (sort of)

I'm gonna keep this short, because I'm exhausted and we need to get something to eat:

* I got onto the show.

* I was one of the first four contestants called down at the start.

* I was so excited that I jumped up and down, screamed, and almost killed two of my fellow contestants with a bear hug.

* I won the first item up for bids (four electric guitars) with a bid within $100 of the actual retail price.

* I lost my pricing game (Flip Flop). Could have won a sauna. Just missed the right price.

* I spun the big wheel and won my half of the show with a total of 85 cents.

* I lost badly in the Showcase Showdown. I'll explain more later, but suffice to say that I thought my opponent had way overbid on his showcase, so I kept my bid almost ridiculously low just to be safe. Turns out he was only $1000 or so away from the actual retail price of his showcase, while I was more than $9000 off of mine. Yikes.

The point, I guess, is "mission accomplished." I got on the show, won on the big wheel, and made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. I only walked away with four electric guitars (retail value $2,164), but what a great experience.

The show will on Feb. 16, 2007. My prizes will be shipped to me within three months after the air date.

I'll probably post more when I get a chance, most likely Thursday after I get home and get settled.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! Somehow, I am not even remotely surprised you made it on, yet at the same time, I can't believe it.

    Look at the bright side - if you would have won the Showcase Showdown, the taxes on the prizes would have been brutal. Not much of a consolation, I realize, but I guess its something.

    Anyhow - my sincere congratulations on making it onto the show. You're my hero!!

  2. Failure, NEVER!!! You are a Success for sure. You accomplished your goal and stood on stage with your idol, Bob Barker, in the flesh! YaHoo!! You did it! I can't wait to see you on TV. Are we having a party? So what are you going to do with four guitars? Take lessons? Congratulations Scotto!! Too bad Dave didn't get on, but he shared in the fun just the same. Enjoy your supper, you both deserve a good one!! Love,
    Mom R

  3. yeah, but it would have been a new car! Sadness, we could have used that for SCott to drive to work. But, as you said, it's amazing that he got on, met Bob (shook his hand), played a game, spun the wheel and even had a chance to win fun prizes (could have used the dinette set too...). We will settle for 4 electric guitars - which by the way the kids are thrilled at the thought of! They each think they should get one whereas mommy thinks the mommy from when they are sold would be great!

  4. Okay - typo - mommy thinks the MONEY from when we sold them would be good...getting tired...must go to bed soon.

  5. Yet another syllogism by Elissa

    The Price is Right is cool
    Daddy was on the Price Is Right.
    Therefore, Daddy is cool.


    By the way, I'm seriously cereal, can we keep just ONE little guitar for me but it can be the "family's"?
    OK here's a deal:
    I practice my oboe regularly, you get me that guitar

    My people will call your people sometime and we'll chat

  6. PS
    HAHA i keep not wanting to get off the computer but mommy's yelling at me.
    Would you perchance know anything about a broken bulletun board behind Chloe's bed? No one admits to having broken it (i swear i didnt) and your wife is punishing us all with no computer for it.

    Save me...come back home

    And of course, I can't post without a syllogism

    Daddy won four electric guitars.
    Elissa likes electric guitars.
    Therefore, Elissa should recieve an electric guitar.

  7. You've got five kids and four guitars....helloo!? Why not a family rock band like The Jackson 5, or the Hansons? Elissa could break out the Oboe once in a while, Scott with the Sax and Ter with the flute?

    Seriously, CONGRATS on getting on the show Scott. That is SO awesome. I will be watching you in Feb.!

  8. Echoing Rob - I am suprised not even a little bit that you made it on the show. No one, including TPIR producers, are immune from your charms. And the "bad news" you gave me was no bad news at all. Who needs another car? Your trip with Dave and the connection you made (or thought you made)with Bob were the prizes of this experience. I'm with Judy, we're having a Price Is Right party on the night it airs which, by the way, is February 16, my birthday! (Terry, get the chips and dip ready.)Seriously, I am, as always, proud of you. You're quite a guy! Love and congratulations to you.

    PS - Be sure to read Elissa's blog and hurry home. Your wife is once again abusing those children.

  9. WOW! Jim L. just called me at home -- it's after 11 p.m. here -- and we are giddy over your news. Staff meeting is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and the Cleveland Foundation will be buzzing! We'll start planning the "TCF TPIR" party for February 16. Maybe you can play the guitars! Thrilled for you, Scott. Have a safe trip home.

  10. Okay, small favour....is it possible to record onto DVD the show and send me a copy as I doubt very much I'll get to see it any other way and I'm quite intrigued to see another countries version of TPIR? Do you in fact have a DVD recorder or anyone you know has one?
    In Oz you have to put the showcase in order of price, is that the way it works in US?
    I think you did really well getting onto the show and as far as you did. Truth is that you walked away with more than you came with. Kind of something for nothing!
    Looking forward to a response about the tape.
    Kerri from Oz.

  11. Haha Elissa, you're so funny! Yeah, great job Mr Tennant, I knew with your luck you would definitly get on! And who cares? It was a great expirence (Did I spell that right?) And you won 4 electric gutairs.. which are awesome. Good job, can't wait to sell it on tv.

  12. Thanks so much to everyone for their very kind words. All of your checks are in the mail...

    Kerri - I'm sure we could put the show on DVD and send over a copy to Oz. As for the showcase, all you have to do there is suggest a total price for all the prizes in the showcase. So, for example, my opponent had a trip to New England, a camper, and a Dodge Ram truck in his showcase, and he bid a combined total of $38,000 on those prizes (and he was darn close, too).

  13. Just to clear the air and not be known as the abusive mother...Chloe's brand new bulleting board is lying in the middle of her bedroom floor in pieces and no one in the house seems to know how it happened. Someone is lying and justice shall prevail! No computer until the culprit is known! Actually, I think it was an accident and someone is afraid to get punished. I try to tell them that lying is far worse than breaking things, but when you're 6 and 8 (my main lie tellers), that concept just doesn't come easy. I broke it, therefore I will get punished instead of I broke it and lied and now Mom is going to kill me for lying...

  14. Terry - I was kidding about you abusing the kids. Actually, with five of them, I don't know how you keep from slapping them around from time to time. I'm no Einstein, but my guess as to the bulletin board culprit would have been J or M (no names please). So how's it looking for the party on the 16th? When is Scott getting back?

  15. i have a blog?

    haha no i put in a fake e-mail address, aunt judi


    ^someone should invent it^

  16. oh an djust to clear up some things--grandma told me today that she was certain i had amde up the word "syllogism"

    syl·lo·gism [sil-uh-jiz-uhm]A form of deductive reasoning consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion; for example, All humans are mortal, the major premise, I am a human, the minor premise, therefore, I am mortal, the conclusion

    In other words it's three statements, the first two are pieces of info and the third is a conclusion drawn from the information.

    Daddy, I think you'll be happy to know that out of the entire class, I'm one of the three that is half to making it towards the spelling bee.
    And I stayed home from grandma's today and missed my cable TV time and i missed going to the mall so i could make you this special surprise i'm working on