Friday, December 30, 2011

Ten random thoughts on a Friday

  1. Crayon colors I could do without: Burnt sienna, cornflower, pine green, either red orange or orange red (one or the other...we don't need both).

  2. Crayon colors I like: Silver, brick red, forest green, cerulean, raw umber.

  3. This week between Christmas and New Year's Day is the strangest one of the year. Some people are working, some aren't. Some businesses are open, some aren't. My inclination is to say that everyone and everything should just shut down, but there are certain stores I need to stay open this week because I want to shop there. If we could all just agree to make me Holiday Czar, the whole thing would work out fine.

  4. This is sort of awkward, but how come no one bothered to tell me that Ernest Borgnine and Abe Vigoda were still alive? And while we're on the subject, how can that be?

  5. If I'm flipping through channels and I come across an episode of "M*A*S*H," I will always stop and watch. Always.

  6. Every Tuesday, Terry babysits a little girl named Ava. It's a nice way for her to earn some extra cash, and our whole family just loves little Ava. Chloe has taken on Ava-watching responsibilities during this Christmas break, and the other day I saw her changing Ava's diaper. And do you know what? I realized I miss changing diapers. Never in a million years did I think I would ever say that, but it has been awhile since we had any diaper-wearers in the house, and I actually miss it. It was always a nice little bonding time with the child in question. Of course, I understand perfectly that if given the responsibility of changing diapers again, I would get sick of it after maybe two changings. I know that. But for now, I officially (sort of) miss it.

  7. I wish I had time to read magazines. I've always thought that magazine readers were smarter than the rest of us. Maybe I'm wrong there.

  8. This will almost certainly be the first time in history that someone has typed this sentence, but it's true: I wish I had learned to play the bassoon.

  9. Because of my big head, I don't often wear hats of any kind. They just don't look good on me. I am deeply envious of all you tiny-headed hat-wearers.

  10. For the second Christmas in a row, we gave Jared a gift card to Baker's Square to buy his own pie. The boy loves pie, LOVES it. Last year he got a pumpkin pie and ate the whole thing by himself in less than 24 hours. I'm sure he'll do it again this year. He eats like this all the time, and I doubt he weighs more than a buck-30. I understand the whole teenage-boy-metabolism thing, but seriously, how can he not be 300 pounds? He defies all known laws of physics and biology. Again, I'm jealous and baffled.


  1. Trust me, my friend - I can relate to #10. I was the same way. Could eat anything I wanted and never gained any weight. Was actually quite annoying, because I wanted to put on a few pounds. Now? I look at Reese's Cup, or package of Double Stuff Oreos and I instantly gain 5 pounds. Of course, if I wasn't drinking a beer while looking at said packages of food, that might not be a problem - but I digress...

  2. Not having a clue nor a memory of "raw umber," I found it was introduced in 1958, but retired in 1990, along with orange red. Check out
    Also, you will love this link:
    Under Abe Vigoda, they write that he's been 80 years old for the last 20 years. He's 90.

  3. You wear that wickliffe hat to the football games.

  4. OK, first off, Holiday Czar? As long as it includes a weeks worth of Home Hockey games.
    Secondly, no one under the age of 45 understands the M*A*S*H thing, but I CERTAINLY DO. I am the same way as everyone who is OVER THE AGE OF 45. There could be a movie coming on HBO that is only going to be shown once and I will pass to see just about any M*A*S*H episode. (If it's the Goodbye, So Long, Farewell episode, I'll turn the phones off)

  5. Cornflower is one of my favorites.

    I read lots of magazines, and I think we both know which of us is smarter.

    You don't have to miss diapers; pretty soon it will be your diapers that the kids are changing.

  6. Lilia said some good stuff in that second paragraph...