Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I don't know who some of these famous people are

I try not to be one of those old fogies who complains about today's music, today's movies, today's kids, whatever. That's stupid.

But I will say this: Somewhere along the way (I want to say it was 1996), I lost track of which people were considered celebrities and what was popular in music.

It had nothing to do with disliking those people or those songs. I just had other, more important things going on, not the least of which were a growing family and an increasingly hectic career.

And now there are people who are known by many, but not by me, and probably not by the majority of people my age and older.

A good illustration of this is found in the list of today's celebrity birthdays, courtesy of Here are apparently famous people who were born on this day:

  • Kirk Douglas: Mr. Douglas died last February at the impressive age of 103. He was the movie star's movie star. I of course know who he was.
  • Donnie Osmond: Donnie is 63 years old today. Terry and I saw him perform once in Las Vegas. He was very good despite having some sort of cold/flu thing. Who doesn't know Donnie?
  • Dame Judi Dench: She turns 86 today. I had to look up why she is called "Dame." It turns out she was named a "Dame Commander" of the British Empire. Sounds made up, but we'll accept it. In any case, I'm aware of her.
  • Dick Butkus: I may not have known who he is if I wasn't a sports fan (he played football). He also did some acting. And his name is funny. Fun fact: Dick Butkus was 13 pounds, 6 ounces at birth.
  • Booba: This is a real person. He's a rapper. We have reached the point where I cannot identify a person from today's celebrity birthday list. Maybe he's not really famous, I don't know. Either way, it's his birthday.
  • Mooptopia: You think I am making this person up. I am not. She is a "TikTok Star." Really. That's something from which you can make money. We won't possibly run across someone else with a similar vocation, will we?
  • Nau: This is the third person in a row with just one name. And guess what? He's a "YouTube Star." This is presumably more respectable than "TikTok Star," but I can't say for sure.
  • Tristan Jass: OK, we're back to a person with both a first and a last name. But it's not helping. I don't know who he is. If you don't either, I can reveal that Tristan is an "Instagram Star." (Just to get this out of the way, I will also say that today is the birthday of social media stars "Anomaly," "Krazyrayray," "Famke Louise," and "Wuant." Again, I did not make up any of those people.)
  • Kendall Vertes: No.
  • PnB Rock: Nope.
  • Tre Cool: Nay.
  • Shin Yuna: I lack a clue.
You get the point. I am so unfamiliar with famous people that I'm not sure any of the last eight people above can truly be called "famous."

But happy birthday to them anyway.

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