Friday, December 4, 2020

It must be winter time - my fingertips are splitting open

I have a problem that is eminently solvable, yet I choose not to solve it.

It is this: Every year, as the weather turns colder here in Northeast Ohio, the skin on and around my fingertips gets very dry.

So dry, in fact, that it often just splits right open and leaves me a little cut. These cuts are located in an area with many nerve endings, so they're always a little painful and a lot annoying.

Depending on their exact coordinates, these cuts sometimes also make typing difficult, as each keystroke causes a small stab of pain. I type a lot in the course of a given day. A lot.

You will nod approvingly when I tell you that I apply lotion to my hands (concentrating on the fingertips) every morning from October through March after I shower. This helps.

But it's not enough.

In order to remain effective, the lotion probably needs to be refreshed at least 2-3 times every day.

Rarely, however, do I go beyond that morning application.

Thus the dry skin, thus the cuts, thus the painful typing.

Don't bother asking why I don't just put on more lotion as the day goes by. I simply forget to do it, effectively choosing to have a red, nasty cut on at least one fingertip all winter long.

There is, in fact, one of these cuts on my right index figure as I type this I painfully, painfully type this sentence and try desperately to remember to pump out another dollop of CVS Complete Moisture Lotion sometime around lunch today.

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