Sunday, June 20, 2021

Five dad wardrobe tips I live by

This works. Apparently.

(1) Socks with sandals = no, but socks with slides = yes
No socks with sandals is an eternal rule, but you can apparently wear socks with those athletic sandals they call slides. I have a pair from Adidas that I mostly wear when I'm taking out the trash or going to get the mail or something. I've learned from my kids, particularly when they're participating in sports, that you can get away with socks and slides, so I do it regularly.

(2) Cargo shorts are always a 'no,' though I still dispute this
I no longer own any cargo shorts because I'm afraid one of my kids (potentially the oldest one, but we're not naming names) will kill me if I wear a pair. The non-athletic shorts I own are all now pretty much just a series of simple, two-pocket, non-cargo khaki jobs. I happen to like cargo shorts, but I avoid them in order to keep peace within the family.

(3) Denim will never go out of style
I will likely be wearing jeans the day I die. Just good old, straight-ahead, blue Levis. These will always be in my closet.

(4) Mid-calf white socks? Sure!
Not with shorts or anything, but as long as I'm alive, the long white sock industry will stay afloat.

(5) Buy a winter coat you like and wear it for at least three presidential administrations
I have a black overcoat I've worn every semi-cold day for the better part of a decade. I have it dry cleaned each year. I'm probably due for a new one, but I'm riding this one out until it's threadbare. And even then I'll probably take it on a year-long farewell tour.

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