Thursday, June 17, 2021

It's not that I don't like pools, I just don't want one

For context, it is important to note that I'm not much of a "water guy." I took swimming lessons only because my mom made me do it, I never wanted to spend as many hours at the city pool as my friends did, and while I can swim to survive, I'm not especially skilled or confident in the water.

I don't hate swimming. It's just that I can take it or leave it.

All of which gives me great admiration for those who are very much water-oriented. Especially those who have their own pools. Whether they're in-ground or above ground, pools are expensive and, it seems to me, difficult to maintain.

But if you're OK with that, then more power to you. Enjoy the heck out of that big bathtub and/or hole in the ground in your backyard!

It's ironic that, of all the family vacations we've taken over the years with the kids, my favorite is probably the beach vacation we took to Delaware five years ago. I loved everything about it, except I hardly went into the ocean. I was perfectly content sitting on the beach reading a book about trench warfare in World War I (that's 100% true).

I've never jet skied, though it looks like a lot of fun. I've never water skied, either, though it also looks like a lot of fun despite the fact that I almost certainly would fall over within seconds.

I put boat ownership in the same category as pool ownership, by the way. There's a whole lifestyle that revolves around boating, though all I see are dollar signs and maintenance problems. But if you love it, that's awesome. Again, it's just not for me.

The one concession I might eventually make is buying a hot tub for our deck. Jared has been after us to do that for years now, and I might be willing to relent there. But someone else is going to take care of it. I got swindled into taking care of five cats many years ago, and I'm not going to fall for that trick again.

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