Thursday, August 26, 2021

I would have enjoyed cruising more if there hadn't been a big boat involved


A couple of years ago, Terry and I went on the first (and so far only) cruise of our lives. It was an Australian cruise, and the places we visited, things we saw, and people we met really made it the trip of a lifetime.

The one problem we both had, though, was a fairly significant one: We got seasick. The constant motion of the MS Noordam was such that we spent most of the first night and all of the first full day of the voyage in our cabin feeling less than stellar.

We eventually found some relief when a visit to a Tasmanian pharmacy introduced us to TravaCalm, a motion sickness medicine that definitely helped. We also chewed ginger gum, and Terry wore a pressure point bracelet that further stabilized the situation.

Speaking for myself, though, I can say that while things got better, I never fully shook that feeling of dizziness and slight nausea.

Granted, the Bass Strait between Tasmania and the Australian mainland had rougher water than you're likely to encounter in, say, the Caribbean. But still...I'm not sure I want to try the cruise thing again any time soon.

I preferred our dry-land stops to our full days at sea, that's for certain.

I envy the folks I refer to as "Cruise People," who structure their vacations around cruises. They love the cruise life and never seem to feel even a hint of seasickness.

Given that I have to take Dramamine even upon entering an amusement park, I'm guessing I'll never join their ranks.

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