Thursday, August 12, 2021

This will be fun if you're interested in 14-year-old, real-time blog posts about my appearance on "The Price Is Right"


One of the first blogs I ever had was an intentionally short-lived one about my successful attempt to attend a taping of The Price Is Right and be selected as a contestant. I started it in December 2006 and made the last post the following April.

I deleted that blog (which was called something like "My Price Is Right Grand Adventure") years ago but kept a back-up of the content on our home computer.

Recently I came across that file and figured out how to restore the posts. So now, in case you're at all interested, you can see those posts from a decade-and-a-half ago.

If you're accessing this blog on a desktop computer, just look on the right side of your screen where it says "Blog Archive." If you click the arrows to the left of "2006" and "2007," there will be links to all of the posts.

If you're reading on your phone, it's a little trickier but still pretty easy. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you should see, under the "Home" button, a link that says "View web version." Just click on that and you'll get the desktop view, though it may be a little hard to read (enlarge as needed).

A few things to note about these ancient posts:

  • Many of them originally included photos, but those photos no longer exist on the servers, so they won't load. You'll see placeholders for these images but, with one exception, not the pictures themselves. The posts are text-only.

  • To me the really fun and interesting thing is to read the comments under each post, particularly on the actual day of the taping (January 9, 2007). You will see several comments from my sister Judi and my mother-in-law Judy, both of whom sadly have since passed away. It's wonderful to read their words.

  • There are also comments from my daughter Elissa in which she refers to Terry and me as "Mommy" and "Daddy." She is now 27. This seems forever ago.

  • If you are bored and read through all of the posts, you will find there was a level of uncertainty as to whether my brother-in-law Dave and I would even get into the studio, let alone have one of us picked as a contestant. It would have been a shame to go all the way out to L.A. and not even get into the taping. But spoiler alert...we did.
This was such a great find that I had to post about it, even though you could argue that I talk about my game show appearances entirely too much.

That's "appearances," plural. Because I've been on two game shows. Did I mention that? I did?

Sorry, it won't come up again (at least not in the next two weeks, I promise).

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