Thursday, July 29, 2021

Getting back into the habit of packing your lunch

Technically, those of us working at Goodyear are supposed to be in the office two days a week, though most of the leaders I've spoken with are coming in more often.

The vast majority of my work days thus far have been onsite, mostly because I much prefer to conduct onboarding meetings and other coworker interactions in person. Plus, it's just easier to learn the layout of the complex if I'm, you know, actually at the complex.

This is all well and good, except it also means I have to worry about packing lunch and snacks the previous evening. It's not like this is a huge burden, but what with COVID and everything, it's something I've fallen out of the habit of doing over the past 16 months.

I probably take more time getting my workday food together than most people. For one thing, I always take about 10 separate items, since I like to graze throughout the day rather than have a big lunch.

For another, I have to log my food choices into the Weight Watchers app. I'm pretty quick with the app, having used it for a number of years now, but it still takes a few minutes to enter it all.

By the time I get everything packed away into my new lunch box and stored in the fridge in the garage, it has become an actual chore.

Of course, the word "chore" implies I don't like doing it. But it's difficult to complain about a task that's dependent upon having an obscene amount of food in my house from which to choose. This is a "problem" millions of people worldwide would love to have.

So I hope you'll excuse my whining.

Seriously, though, do I take two apples or three? Three. I'd better go with three.

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