Thursday, July 15, 2021

You need to find joy in the little things in your monthly $10 CVS CarePass reward

I make no secret of my love for CVS, the greatest retail pharmacy in the history of retail pharmacies. It's also quite possibly the greatest store in the history of stores, but that's another debate for another time (though, spoiler alert, it's also that).

I visit CVS a lot. It is, as they say, one of my happy places.

As a member of the CarePass program, I receive $10 in ExtraBucks each month to spend as I please at my local CVS. This reward gets loaded into my account on the 15th of the month (today!)

Since I am writing this post on June 15th, I just had the immense pleasure of receiving the email reminding me that my $10 Promo Reward is here.

The subject line of that email tells me to "Get Excited!" (it really does). There is no need for this instruction, however, as I am already plenty excited about it all on my own.

I expend more mental energy plotting out how I'm going to use my monthly CarePass reward than I do, say, figuring out my retirement. It is one of the highlights of every month.

Which makes me realize that, in this world, you have to find happiness where you can get it. You will not have a major positive life event every day, so in between those times when you get married or win the lottery, you have to seek joy in other places.

For me it happens in aisle 15 at CVS, which is where they keep the vitamins. I get giddy just standing there.

For you, I'm guessing it's someplace different.

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